Health & Safety

                                                                                                   "TOP PRIORITY HEALTH SAFETY"

✅Blackcar Offers Chauffeurs 
are professionally dressed and have gone through an extensive training program.
✅We will reduce all vehicle capacity by 50%.
All vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized between each ride with cleaner of at least a 70% Alcohol Content.
✅All passengers will be required to be checked prior to the ride and will receive mask & gloves per passenger.
We have removed all printed and reading materials from the seat-back pockets.
✅All "amenities" are no longer "self-service" and will be provided upon request only.
✅We will be adding a suggested gratuity of "20% to each ride" to eliminate the need for a Client to "sign" an electronic device at the end of the ride.
A Credit will be need to be provided at the time ok making the reservation and will be kept on file.  

                                                                                                       "BLACKCAR OFFERS BENEFITS" 
We use GPS Tracking System in all our fleet.
✅Your Domestic or International Flight is tracked by our dispatch team to know if your flight is on time or delay for weather reasons.
✅You receive a 60 mins prior SMS when your chauffeur is on the way for pickup location.
✅BCO dispatch team is always tracking the traffic route to give the chauffeur the best option To Be On Time for you.
✅A notification will tell you when the chauffeur arrives to meet you (Chauffeurs arrive 10 mins before your pickup time schedule).
✅You always receive Complementary Wait Time in Airports (Domestic & International Flights).
✅You will have Peace of Mind with us. 
✅BCO services are with Compliance & Safety.

To be an agent send us your information at: [email protected]